Thursday, 18 February 2010

First writing system dates back to prehistoric times

Prehistoric Writing
It is traditionally believed that first the writing system dates back 5,000 years. However, according to the latest research, Man may have first sought to communicate through symbols rather than pictures 40,000 years ago. Markings found in the Chauvet caves in southern France have previously been ignored, but they may be evidence of a form a written code, which is believed to have been familiar to all prehistoric tribes in France and possibly even beyond.
Kate Ravilious reports in the New Scientist.

John F Kennedy’s secret letters to his Swedish lover up for auction
The BBC reports on the upcoming sale of John F. Kennedy’s collection of love letters to Gunilla von Post written in the 1950s. The letters are being auctioned by Chicago-based Legendary Auctions and are expected to fetch up to $100,000 (£65,000).
Further information and images of the letters are available on the website of Legendary Auctions.

What Granny did in the war
In the New Scotsman, Jackie McGlone tells the story of Mona Kedslie McLeod who was a member of the Scottish Women’s Land Army during the Second World War. The Land Girls were largely forgotten in the aftermath of the war, but they are now the subject of a new exhibition, ‘Land Girls and Lumber Jills’, at the National War Museum at Edinburgh Castle.

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