Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Teaching 'positive history' in Russia

‘Positive history’ in Russia or the ‘airbrushing of history’
In The Times John Sweeney provides a worrying insight into the new drive to teach ‘positive history’ in Russia.
In Haunted by Stalin, the first article in our special ‘After the Cold War’ series looking at changing attitudes to history in the former Communist states, Catherine Merridale examines competing versions of Russia's troubled past in the light of present politics.

Europe’s 1788 moment
In The Guardian David Marquand considers how the constitutional debates of late 18th-century America may have something to teach Europe of the 21st.
In Drafting the American Constitution, 1787 Jack N. Rakove argues that the Federal Convention of 1787 or the ‘miracle at Philadelphia’ was an amalgam of high principles and backroom wheeler-dealing to provide safeguards for the smaller states.

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