Friday, 11 December 2009

Did the Empress Josephine teach France to drink?

Did the Empress Josephine teach France to drink?
In The Independent John Lichfield reports on the exhibition ‘La Cave de Josephine’, which opened last month at the Chateau de Malmaison.

Hitler’s skull: la suite...
At the end of September, researchers from the University of Connecticut concluded that the skull believed to have belonged to Hitler was in fact that of a woman. However, Russia’s intelligence service FSB has recently denied the American scientists’ claims. Read the article in Spiegel Online.
In The Times, Ben Macintyre argues that Hitler’s remains are ‘still the most toxic DNA in the world’.

1,900-year-old treasure trove in Scotland in danger of being washed away

The Iron Age rock shelter and midden, Uamh an Eich Bhric, also known as the Cave of the Speckled Horse at Fiskavaig, on the west coast of Skye, was discovered in 2005 when a pile of broken rock that had protected the cave from the sea was destroyed during the winter storms. It is believed to have been occupied in the Late Iron Age and stone tools, bone fragments and the top of a human skull have since been discovered on the site. However, the remaining treasure is being washed away on a daily basis. According to a report published by Highland Council's Historic Environment Record, at the current rate of erosion, the site will not last beyond 2010. Read the article in The Scotsman.

The horrifying story of one of Dr Mengele’s victims who refused to see another doctor for 65 years
In March 1944, Yitzhak Ganon and his family from Greece were transported to Auschwitz. Yitzhak Ganon was taken to the camp hospital where Mengele removed his kidney without any anaesthetics. In an article in the Spiegel Online he shares his story with a German reporter for the first time.

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