Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Advent Favourites: the best history websites

Sheila Corr:
The British Museum's Collection database search
'An extremely useful research tool covering all British Museum departments (especially strong on Prints & Drawings, which otherwise has a somewhat impenetrable cataloguing system) giving full museum information and in many cases a picture of the object, intelligently keyworded for searching.'

Kathryn Hadley:
The Iceman Photoscan website
'A terrifying and gory website, but fascinating and revolutionary nonetheless. The website enables the user to view the entire mummified body of the Oetzi Iceman and to zoom in to examine specific parts in incredible detail. The preservation conditions of the mummy prevent the public from having close access to the body and the project thus provides an opportunity to discover the 5,300-year-old mummy without compromising its preservation.' Read our full review.

Paul Lay:
'Apart from http://www.historytoday.com/? Mercurius Politicus, Nick Poyntz’s erudite early modern coffee shop.'

Derry Nairn:
'So simple a beginning: The Origin of Species at 150 years - 2009 was also the year of Darwin (and what a lovely page design too!). There are also tons of brilliant archive projects: the Times of London, the Daily Mirror and The Irish Times at 150. I loved Justin Pollard’s Secret Britain, Ian Visits, The House Historian, and many, many more.'

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