Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A North Channel Tunnel and Hitler's obituary: 13th October: today's top history news

A sea tunnel linking Ulster with Scotland was proposed a century before the Channel Tunnel.
Joe Joyce reports in an article on the website of The Irish Times.

Hitler’s obituary as published in a Hamburg newspaper on May 2nd 1945.
The obituary written by the editor of the Hamburger Zeitung, Hermann OkraƟ, is translated on the website of the German Propaganda Archive.

An Olympic torch, allegedly from the 1948 London Games, for sale on eBay.
Read the article on the BBC website.

New Leonardo da Vinci portrait discovered?
An article was published, yesterday on the website of the Antiques Trade Gazette.

The way that history, especially national history, is told and taught is a political issue, argues David Cesarani on the website of The Guardian.

Jeremy Black, in reviewing Andrew Roberts in Standpoint, argues that historians abdicate their responsibilities if they do not attack difficult moral discussions.

35 Years of the World's Best Microscope Photography
Stunning images on the Wired Science website.

Images of 25 abandoned castles in Wales, built between 1000 and 1400 AD, but which became obsolete with the advent of gunpowder and cannons, on the Internet Pop Culture website.

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