Monday, 19 October 2009

Black Monday, Adidas and Puma: 19th October: today's top history news

22 years ago: Black Monday
October 19th is the 22nd anniversary of Black Monday, a stock market crash that began on Wall Street and quickly spread around the globe. The Times assesses whether lessons have been learnt.

Digital models of Unesco world heritage sites
The Scottish Herald reports that a major heritage site in India will join Mount Rushmore, St Kilda and Skara Brae as part of a pioneering Scottish project to create digital models of 10 Unesco world heritage sites.

National Archives museum presents an ‘anti-British’ view of history
Michael Palin and other university professors are quoted in the Daily Telegraph arguing that a display about the British Empire in the National Archives museum relies on ‘lazy and disingenuous history’.

The history of Adidas and Puma
Kate Connolly explains in The Guardian how the two brands were created 60 years ago following a sibling fallout.

Human evolution is accelerating and ‘disease is the number one cause of evolution today’
The Korean news site OhMyNews reports on the latest research by a team of anthropologists at the University of Wisconsin.

Update on Pavlopetri project: the world’s oldest submerged town over a millennium older than previously believed
We reported on the launch of a project to carry out an underwater survey of Pavlopetri in May. An article on the BBC website provides the latest updates on the research.

More on the arrest of the Russian historian Mikhail Suprun
In The Telegraph Alexander Osipovich claims that the Russian state's punishment of historians is a symptom of 'creeping re-Stalinisation'. For further information read the article published on the website of The Guardian last Thursday.

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Illinois residents fall for a "buried treasure" prank that was planted 50 years earlier. Longest Time-Delayed Prank in History

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