Monday, 12 April 2010

Evidence of Soviet plans for WW3?

Soviet Plans for World War III
Matthias Schulz reports in Der Spiegel on the latest research into the purpose of a Communist-era bunker in Kossa in the state of Saxony in former East Germany. The secret fortress was completed in 1979 and may have been designed as a command post in the event of a nuclear war between the Soviet Union and Western Europe.

Leighton House Museum
Leighton House Museum in Holland Park reopened to the public last weekend following extensive restoration and refurbishment.
The home of the Victorian artist and collector, Lord Frederic Leighton (1830-1896), was built in three stages between 1865 and 1881 by the architect George Aitchison. Initially built as a modest red brick house, the studio on the first floor was then extended. The Arab Hall on the ground floor, which forms the centrepiece of the house, was later added to display Leighton's collection of over a thousand Islamic tiles, mostly brought back from Damascus.
Leighton is associated with the Aesthetic Movement which criticised the ugliness of Victorian Britain and sought beauty across the world and different historical periods.
The house reopens with ‘Closer to Home: Leighton’s Collection Returned’, a special exhibition which brings together Leighton’s own collection of paintings and includes loans from the National Gallery and Tate.
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Bert Trautmann in The Observer
To mark the recent publication of Catrine Clay’s new biography Trautmann’s Journey, an interview with the former Nazi paratrooper who joined Manchester City in 1949 was published yesterday in The Observer.

David Starkey attacks attractive female historians
Read the article published on the website of the Mail Online.

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