Monday, 8 March 2010

A War Over History?

by Derry Nairn

A congressional panel in the United States last week recognised the events of 1915 in eastern Anatolia as 'genocide'. This is not the first time that the issue has sparked tensions in the USA, both domestic and diplomatic. As recently as 2007, a similar decision was vetoed by the George W. Bush administration. Similar debates have been going on, virtually since the events themselves occurred.

Here is a selection of viewpoints on the matter, covering all spectrums:

Donald Bloxham on great power involvement.

CBS gives the issue historical context.

Global Voices offers ordinary Armenian opinion.

Hurriyet examines the Obama & Clinton positions.

Norman Stone considers geo-political fallout.

The Guardian's Marcel Berlins questions the whole process


Hazell said...

It is rich of the Americans to accuse Turkey of genocide. Following independence from British administration and careful protection of the native people, they hunted down and killed off much of the native population, whose only sanctuary, if they could reach it, was the British administered portion of North America, Canada. Here they were granted land and provided with atart-up funds. Perhaps that is why America made more than one attempt to invade and conquer Canada.

Joshua said...


Your anti-American bitterness seems deep and your history pretty shallow.
For a century and a half before they became Americans, British colonists and governments were merrily exterminating Native Americans as European migration to North America increased. Witness the vitual extiction of the New England and Virginia tribes!

And how exactly did Britain come by Canada? I seem to recall that there was more than one attempt to conquer it from the French.

Should a nation's sad history, for example, that of Britain in Ireland, preclude it from taking a position on another's poor treatment of its minorities?

Imagine former-Yugoslavia today if no country had been able to intervene under any guise because of past history and persecutions of other peoples.

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