Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The best websites of 2009: your advent favourites

Christmas is fast approaching! We end our ‘advent favourites’ series with your nominations of the top five websites of the past year…

http://www.georgianlondon.com/ – This year’s clear winner…
‘It's an erudite but entertaining read covering all aspects of Georgian London from fascinating family life, medical practices, sporting pastimes, to the downright raunchy. All the posts are quirky and interesting and not the predictable fodder served up by some other history sites. I always look forward to the next enthralling blog and it never disappoints.’ (Trish Phillips)

‘A steady flow of fascinating, bite-sized insights into Georgian London. What's brilliant about this web log is the sustained quality, readability and pure curiosity of the articles. It keeps prompting me to seek out these forgotten corners of London.’ (Martin McDonald)

‘I greatly enjoy Lucy Inglis's Georgian London. For many years I have been a keen student of the 18th century and a stalwart member of the Georgian Group. Lucy's blog, however, introduces me to aspects of the period that I have not known or little understood. The frequency of her posts amazes me and her approach is frequently very amusing.’ (Patrick Baty, paint analyst who runs the paint business Papers and Paints in London)

‘A veritable encyclopaedia of the ancient world, especially Roman times.’ (Lindsay Powell, writer on the ancient Greek and Roman worlds)

http://www.daintyballerina.blogspot.com/ (Michael Power)

http://www.quackdoctor.wordpress.com/ (Michael Power)

‘Not such a hard decision! I've been using the History Today archives for all of my research for history, classics and even some English too.’ (Kathryn Parsons, A-level student)

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