Friday, 16 October 2009

Japanese surnames and drinking in the navy: 16th October: today's top history news

‘How do you do, my name is Saito Ichiro Sama-no-kami Minamoto-no-Ason Tadayoshi.’
Michael Hoffmann, in the Japan Times, offers thanks to Meiji reformers for cutting Japanese surnames down to size. The second part of the article is here.

A History of Holidays
Mary Beard shares some of the secrets of the Thomas Cook archives.

The Royal Navy: a history of drinking.
On the website of The Times Ben Macintyre explores the ‘wobbly tradition of drunken British sailing’.

Writing and Erasing Russian history
In The Guardian Luke Harding reports on the arrest of the Russian historian Mikhail Suprun who was researching Russia’s Arctic Gulags during the Second World War.

The life of Walt Disney (1901-1966) at the new Walt Disney Family Museum.
Showcasing drawings Disney made in his youth, early drawings of Mickey Mouse, personal letters, Disney family home movies and ground breaking technologies, the museum charts the life and achievements of the creator of Mickey Mouse.

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