Friday, 24 April 2009

Photos of East Germany in 1990

by Kathryn Hadley

Immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall in the spring of 1990, West German photo journalist Karlheinz Jardner travelled to the East German island of Rugen to capture the fascinating world of the German Demrocratic Republic before it disappeared.

Twenty years after his trip, the photographer recently recalled his experience in an interview for Spiegel Online. Both the article published on Spiegel Online and 44 of his photographs are featured today on the homepage of Arts & Letters Daily.

The lost world of East Germany also briefly sprung back to life last February when an abandoned GDR era flat, which had been left totally intact as the owner had left it in 1989, was discovered in Leipzig. The furniture, fittings, food and personal belongings in the flat had been completely preserved and provided a fascinating and intriguing taster of life in the GDR!

To find out more about life in the Communist world, one of the latest books on the subject is The Lost World of Communism by Peter Molloy. It is reviewed by Taylor Downing in our May issue.

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