Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Wonders of Science

by Derry Nairn

In his latest history column for the Economist's Intelligent Life magazine, Andrew Marr puts forward the case for increased study of great scientists. He has been working on a forthcoming BBC series about Darwin's wider social impact, and has become convinced of the both the importance and romance associated with science and its many heroes:-
The lives of Lavoisier, Curie, Turing or Fermi were as dramatic and human as those of Roosevelt, Byron, Montgomery, Jane Austen or Queen Victoria.
Later in the piece he proclaims:-
We need ways of writing that illuminate something of the science for the general reader. This is not intrinsically more difficult than bringing alive 19th-century diplomacy or the disputes between renaissance painters over patronage and subject matter.
Well, right on time Andy, here comes History Today to the rescue!! On our new new history of science page, you can get an exclusive preview of Thomas Dixon's article on America's view of evolution from our forthcoming February issue. Plus, find out about all the latest Darwin-related books alongside a range of archived articles and reviews from years past.

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