Monday, 10 November 2008

Unearthing the mysteries of Eaglesfield Park

by Derry Nairn

A-level students from Plumstead Manor School in Greenwich surveyed the lay of the land at Eaglesfield Park this week when they joined an archaeological dig at the historic site.

Working with students from Birkbeck, University of London, they used a variety of surveying techniques to try and detect any prehistoric features that might be buried beneath the surface.

Local archaeologist Andy Brockman said
This is the first time the London Borough of Greenwich and Birkbeck has co-operated on such a piece of public archaeology and education with the aim of involving the local community, amenity groups, and local history societies.
The students were instructed by a leading survey company with help from Birkbeck students and graduates. They used the latest technology, including electrical resistance surveying, magnetic surveying and Ground Penetrating Radar, to unravel some of the mysteries of Eaglesfield.

Birkbeck course organiser Harvey Sheldon said

Eaglesfield Park is on the highest ground in South London near the Thames and was a key strategic point. Channel 4’s Time Team located an Iron Age ditch here, and we’re looking for features and activity that might indicate such an ancient settlement. The day was a great way for the students to learn by doing hands-on research in the field.
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